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  Vulnerability & Courage


for the neurodiverse woman


Our understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder
as a form of neurodiversity is evolving.
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder are resilient.  Attention Deficit Disorder traits of Executive Function like creativity, empathy, the ability to take risks, think quickly in a crisis, work under pressure, and deep dive into areas of interest are becoming more widely known and coveted by employers, universities, and others interested in attracting out-of-the-box thinkers.








Life is complicated...

 but sometimes you’re better off embracing the mess than trying to clean it all up.







It Takes a Lot of Courage to show up and be seen when you can't control the outcome.






Life is complicated...

 but sometimes you’re better off embracing the mess than trying to clean it all up

My ultimate mission as your Life Coach is to help you ignite your passion and let it transcend your fears so that you can regain your inner strength and become who you want to be.
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Self doubt is just a part of your evolution

It’s a part of your process.

I’m inviting you to commit to overcoming it.  I want you to think about how amazing you are, and how capable you are. I hope you truly understand that self doubt doesn’t mean that something is wrong. It means you’re growing and you are in the process of becoming the person you’re meant to be. Self doubt doesn’t mean you should turn around and go home

It simply means you’re on the right path!
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 Outcome & Goal  Cultivation

 This class offers how to set goals to achieve the outcomes you want in your life.

We will explore... 

What do you want and why?

(The why is key)

How do imagine you will feel when you achieve this goal  or outcome?

Do you truly believe you can achieve the desired outcome?

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How To

Be Happy



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How to Get Unstuck


Learn how to get unstuck from any situation or condition you are currently in, whether it’s your job, your weight, your marriage, or even a city or state that you live in. We get into why we tend get stuck and what we need to do before we decide to take necessary risks to see a positive change in our lives.
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