How to Stress Better

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How to Stress Better

We cannot change the fact that our world is stressful right now.  I don't know of anyone that thinks their world is not stressful. Even though we cannot control any of this,   I can give you a path on how to stress better! 

 I want to offer you this, that you can change how you respond to it all.   I am going to show you how you can stress better and use the power of stress to your advantage. Are you in? I call using the power of stress to your advantage modern emotional health.   It's really important that we understand that our brain and our cognitive and emotional life in this stress environment is a problem and if we don't learn how to manage our brain in this environment, we are going to be in a little bit of trouble (or maybe a lot).

 So let's talk about how we can handle our stress in today's world. Science suggests we can change how we respond to stress. We know our bodies are wired for stress and that stress is completely normal. The primitive human brain was taught to avoid pain, find comfort and to preserve energy to run from wild animals that might eat us. There is nothing wrong with you if you're feeling stressed, it's your body's way of keeping you safe. You might say "I can't handle this." Stress is a situation where the demands of a situation exceed your resources to cope. Sound familiar? 

 The goal I have for you is to show you that instead of drowning in your stress, you can learn how to surf. So, knowing that you are stressed is the first step. Instead of reacting to the circumstance causing the stress, I want you to simply pause and lean in to it. Check your thoughts, What thought is causing you to stress? How does the stress feel in your body? Where is the feeling in your body? Is it in your chest, your head, your abdomen? Is it sharp? What color is it? What feeling is this stress thought bringing to you? Do you feel pain, anxiety, sadness, worry, panic? What actions are you taking? Do you freeze? Go to bed? Act out? Do you Buffer with overeating, overdrinking, overshopping, overmedicating? Are you getting the results you would like to have or are you just causing more stress by your actions? During your pause, consider changing your thought you are having... I challenge you to:
  • Be aware of what you are feeling
  • Do not avoid or resist you negative emotion, lean in to it.  Avoiding and resisting causes you to buffer. Don't find something outside of you to fix your stress or pain. Try meditating!
  • Don't indulge in self-pity, in anger, in reaction, or in self-loathing.
  • Don't hide from your truth or from your goals. When we don't want to experience negative emotion, we hold ourselves back from life.
  • DO change your thought to something that would serve you better.  Tell yourself that "I hear you brain, and I'm ok, I'm not going to die right now, I have me and I can do hard things". 

We can't change the fact that there are stressors in the world and that there are going to be things that make us upset, cause us to be ill, and that we will have difficult periods in our lives, but we can change our response...  ☯


 Peace be with you always

     ~Coach Barbara



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